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AUDITIONS - Caesura, a workshop reading

Caesura: A play by Tim Backes

A workshop reading, directed by Kimberly Laberge

Be a part of the development of a brand new work by joining us in the cast of the first reading.


AUDITIONS - Monday, June 17th

Location: 5109 N 125th St, Butler

Auditions consist of readings from the script. No memorization is required.

Rehearsals and performances will take place at Inspiration Studios in West Allis.

Rehearsals: June 24 - 27

Performance: June 28



EMMA HITCHENS, a woman not in any hurry to revisit life in her hometown. 20s.

SAM PEARSON, Emma’s childhood best friend. They are still close. 20s.

JAN HITCHENS, Emma’s mother. Adjusting to life without her husband. 50s.

AARON HITCHENS, Emma’s brother, who is a bit of a failure to launch. 20s.

WILL, Emma’s partner, accompanying her on the trip home. 20s.

THE CONDUCTOR, a recurring specter. Age flexible. Will be double cast with Narrator, to read scene directions.


CAESURA: A break or interruption in a conversation, a line of verse, or a song. Usually a caesura means total silence, but not for long. After the death of her father, with whom she was on uneven terms, Emma Hitchens stays away from her midwestern home town for more than two years. But now she’s reluctantly back, as the school where he became a legendary choral director is looking to dedicate a new arts wing in his name. The return home forces her to confront the complexities and challenges of her relationships with her mother and brother. All the while, she is haunted by the specter of her father in a series of recurring nightmares that emphasize the weight her unexplored grief has had on her during this interruption in her life.

Please reach out to with any questions or concerns!

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