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ONE YEAR of Kith & Kin


One year ago, we announced Kith & Kin Theatre Collective.

Since then, through your support - as artists, as audiences, as donors - we have spent 2023 performing and connecting with one another:

May, we launched our Music & a Movie series to a standing room only audience for Beetlejuice, featuring some stellar puppetry.

June, we rolled into Music & a Movie: Hairspray and bopped to the 60s to another sold out room (who knew EVERY word of the movie!)

August, we brushed off our dancing shows for Music & a Movie: La La Land with some fabulous ensemble numbers!

Finally, this November, we just closed Next to Normal - our first major musical. This was a massive undertaking, featuring a full live rock band paired with the talented cast for a two-weekend run.

Next up, we've got Hypotheticals - a world premiere production - debuting at Inspiration Studios this spring. Stay tuned for further updates.

Thank you for showing up for us. Wisconsin is currently ranked 49th in state arts funding (a dismal improvement from the many years holding down the fort at 50th). We do not have the same infrastructure as other states to support a thriving arts scene. I don't say this to bum you out - but because, in order to create new theatre initiatives, we are fighting upstream. This season so far has been a triumph, and it is all thanks to you. Milwaukee has the potential to be a thriving arts city, with your help.

If you feel so inclined, our website has a "Support" page where you can financially back our work. However, the best thing you can do for us is what you have been doing - show up, and tell everyone you know.

You are a part of us - and we do this together.

Visit us anytime at

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