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TICKETS ARE LIVE - Hypotheticals

April 12th - 21st

Fridays and Saturdays at 7:30PM

Sundays at 2PM


Set in current-day Chicago, “Hypotheticals,” is about a beautiful but misanthropic woman who kisses a stranger in an elevator on her way to psychotherapy. When the stranger turns out to be her new therapist, they’re forced into a professional relationship where the intimate environment is as fertile for romantic tension as it is for personal growth—until the revelation of a mutual secret threatens to bind them together or tear them apart. "Hypotheticals" shatters biases around Neurodiversity and has been well received at readings in Milwaukee, Waco, and Cincinnati, receiving its premiere full production here at Kith & Kin Theatre Collective.

General Admission: $20

Students: $15 (Use code STUDENT at checkout)

Note: This show contains strong language.

Please reach out to with any questions/concerns.


Blaise: Selena Milewski

Jamie: Shayne Patrick

Dr. Gwen: Susan Kelly

Betty/Woman: Sarah M. Mankowski-Lathrum

Arlo/Eloise: Marzi Karami


Director: Maura Atwood

Stage Manager: Elizabeth Henry

Intimacy Director: Victoria Hudziak

Intimacy Follow: Delaina Kuzelka

Sound Designer: Anastasia Esther

Costume Designer: Beck Menk

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