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RECAP: Beetlejuice, Hairspray, and opportunities galore!

The cast of Music & a Movie: Hairspray.

WOW doesn't even cover it.

If you've been following along on social media, you might have noticed this... Our Music & a Movie series is a HIT!

Each show involves the pairing of a well-loved movie with its' musical counterpart, with live performances sprinkled throughout.

Music & a Movie: Beetlejuice

We opened with Beetlejuice, which played to a packed room using every chair we could find in the building! The event was an overwhelming success, both in audience feedback, cast experience, and fundraising. The movie itself was a particularly unique multimedia experience, as we navigated a moratorium on the screening rights (no doubt in preparation for Beetlejuice 2) and the ways in which the musical and film don't line up. The result was 100% one-of-a-kind, thanks to director Anastasia Esther working to mesh the worlds - in a copyright compliant way.

Emily Keiner singing "Dead Mom" in Music & a Movie: Beetlejuice.

Music & a Movie: Hairspray

Up next came Hairspray, which as you can imagine, has a different appeal - we went from the salacious, dark fantasy world to the bright and bold sounds of the 60s and the Civil Rights movement. This attracted new audiences and many more new actors to the performance. It seemed only fair to set sights on a show that was just as fun, but perhaps not as packed, as its predecessor.

Boy, were we wrong!

Yet again, we found ourselves filling the room to capacity, even adding chairs for the many walk-ins before (and during!) the performance. The 2007 movie, streamed in partnership with Swank Motion Pictures, brought joy for a room full of people who knew the show as well as our cast. Then, the performance was chock-full of vocally demanding music and complete choreography, with help from music director Jim Van Deusen and director Adrianna Jones. Yet again, our special brand of crash-course chaos was met with major success.

Aundre Reid, Patrice Hood, and Lisa Butargabe performing "I Know Where I've Been" in Music & a Movie: Hairspray.

What's next?

We have a short break, and then our next (and final) 2023 Music & a Movie screening performs on August 17th - La La Land. Tickets and event will go live that month.

Shortly following, we will dive into Next to Normal auditions, which performs in November. Audition information and sign-ups will open in July.

In January, we are working on a special Cabaret-style event for you - announcements coming soon!

To finish out our season, in April, we'll have performances for a world premiere production of a play by a local up-and-coming playwright whose work is stirring up attention in the Milwaukee community and beyond! Formal announcement is coming soon, auditions will be in February.

How YOU can get involved!

First and foremost - if you have a business or organization and would be interested in a comarketing sponsorship opportunity, please reach out! There are still opportunities to partner on our next shows and leverage the momentum of consistently sold-out audiences!

To audition - follow @kithandkintheatre on Instagram and Facebook, or subscribe here to get the latest updates and information.

If you feel so inclined to support Kith & Kin financially, check out the "Support" page on our website to visit our GoFundMe (ideal for one-time donations) or our Patreon (for smaller donations in regular installments, with benefits)!

And, lastly but most importantly, we hope to see you at our next show. :)

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